DJ Rondevu & DJ Premier – The Realness

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Just when you think the creativity in mixtapes is muerte, you get a couple releases that let you know The Realness still exists. Rondevu and Premier on some mixtape shit? Who would have thunk it? Without even listening to one sound off this mixtape I can give you two reasons to cop this project. One…it’s a new Rondevu joint and two…its got Premier on it. What more do you need? You think this is some pause shit? Hahahaha hell no and for those that don’t know or don’t remember…DJ Rondevu “creates” his own exclusives. Yea I said it…”create”. I know its a scary word for some of you. It’ll be ok, just go check your inbox for that next mediocre “exclusive” while we get back on this real shit.

You know the intro was some crazy shit, Rondevu got skills for days…like it’s nothing and there’s really no need to explain that shit. “We Got News” is that shoot ya shoes off real hip hop music. There is something about Premo’s drums with Game and Jadakiss over them…crack-ola. Not too many DJs remixing Saigon which in itself is a feat but “Speak Ya Clout” was a perfect fit. If you listened to the Rapmullet IPod you already heard “All 4 The Cash”. I know, I know the shit is rediculous…cuts, beat selection…Rondevu captured the essence of G-Unit with this shit. Now you know Jay Z and Premo is a good look regardless so what do you think “I Get The Paper” sounds like? The only remix of Ronde’s I really wasn’t fucking with was the DMX joint “O.T. Flip”. I mean are cats really still rocking DMX right now? The beat used for “The Boss” is classic. I mean this shit makes Joey Crack sound like a champion…it’s the beat man! “Tonz O Gunz” is my shit too. Def gotta get your monotone flow on with Guru at some point. I’m trying not to give ya’ll all the jewels but OC and Jay Z is an ill colaboration. I wish this shit would of actually happened back in like ’96. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, Jeru The Damaja’s first album was classic. I went through two tapes running that shit back to back. “Da Bitchez” still gets mad burn over here. The suprise or shall we say sleeper track was without a doubt Devin The Dude and Jimi Hendriz on “Doobie Ashtray”…smokers get yo shit ready to burn.

DJ Rondevu doesn’t drop as often as he used to but he’s a busy man who stays getting a check all around the world. What other DJ you know bout to go on tour overseas, just dropped a DVD and a new mixtape? That should be a good indication of what cats should be striving for in this mixtape game…and no you’re cut and paste emailed exclusives will not get you to that level. Just when you think the game is all but over cats hit you upside the head and let you know the shit is still alive. Thanks Ronde…the game appreciates you.