DJ Rondevu – Homicide Files Part 2

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Man I’m glad Rondevu, aka the young vet, came back with some new shit because I thought he was taking a hiatus. Fans will be happy to know he’s back on his game like no other. Mixtape wise Rondevu is blazing the semi with the blends again. That shit to amp you up and make you going around slapping fake thugs and young cats trying to get “dumb”.

“D Block Boyz” is a must listen for all you D Block fans, and Rondevu is back to rocking the skills which is always a good look. Jay Z spittin’ over “Mr. Me Too” is that shit; classic blend for that ass. Fuck the dumb shit, The Clipse are some of the best at spittin’ that drug selling music. Ok people get your neck braces out for “We Don’t Play Around”. If you listen to Rondevu you knew he was gonna come with a G Unit blend to snap ya neck. “Grill Em” got a different vibe to it, the beat is cool on some crawl through the hood appeal. The illest beat I heard in a minute got to be “Money Talks” and it’s got the Clipse on it with a crazy ass slowed Jay Z hook. My favorite joint gotta be the Cormega and Lake freestyle. Cormega is just too potent with the lyrics people and like I said on Lakes new mixtape he stepped his game up ten fold. How many DJs getting drops from OC and then proceed to rip up his latest “Rap Dudes”? The skills are sharp man. Ahh man, Rondevu flips the original sample to “Soon You’ll Understand” and 50 and Banks rock lovely on the beat too. Remo Da Rapstar is back in rare form flowing over “NY State Of Mind”; best freestyle I heard in a minute.

If you take away the R&B-ish; joints from the CD you’re fucking with a classic. This is the type of Rondevu CD that people expect time and time again. The fucked up thing is Rapmullet got some bangin ass CDs right now and I can’t even enjoy ’em like I want to cause it’s always on to the next review. Regardless, blend fans do what you gotta do to add this to your Rondevu collection and make your early summer theme music that much better.