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My moms read one of my reviews the other day and asked, “Monty isn’t the person you call “THE CRAZIEST NIGGA ALIVE” is he baby?” “What would Ms. Jackson think of you calling her son “THE CRAZIEST NIGGA ALIVE”?” “She would probably edit his birth certificate.” “If I know the nigga crazy, you think his moms don’t know?” “Which one of those sweet young ladies are you staying with now baby and how is that homeless friend C” “His name is BIG CHEW ma!” “THE MAYOR” of the last car on the C train line.” “We got jobs now!” “They turned the electricity off, I need to use your computer to do my review.” I dropped “K.N.O.T.R.T PT.1” into the disk drive and plugged in the headphones. This shit remind me of the glory days of mixtapes! A lot of you niggaz think the glory days was when CLUE came out, but he was never DOO WOP or RON G. Truth be told, CLUE fucked the game up. He had you believing that a mixtape was about EXCLUSIVES, NEW SHIT and celebrity freestyles. RONDEVU must truly love the game, because he let’s classic tracks from KOOL G. RAP and Big Pun play. “ILL STREET BLUES” came out before a lot of you muthafuckaz ever picked up a mixtape! RONDEVU blendz the old with the new so perfectly that the accapellas sound like guest stars on the track. He also included some “NEW SHIT” for commercial fans of the game. You almost made a classic nigga, but you fucked up and used the Jay Z verse from “Can I get A…” and that Timbo joint “Lobster and Shrimp.” They was alright in they day, but on the same cd with classic PAC, BIGGIE, KOOL G. RAP and PUN, there were better HOVA verses you could have used!