DJ Rondevu – The Carter Chronicles III

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Rondevu is a talented dude. If you’ve been a fan of his throughout the years, you’d have to ask yourself, “why the fuck would he do a Wayne mixtape?” I’m thorough, so I asked him and the answer is simple; the paper. The first two installments I couldn’t even get through. Not that the mixtapes were horrible, I just couldn’t dig hearing my man Ronde doing the same shit that other cats were doing. Not to say I didn’t respect the move, but I’m a fan of creativity and getting bread and these days the mixtape industry is strictly getting bread. Why else would hardcore East coast niggas be dropping “Lil Wayne vs. ______”? After all the bullshit that’s been surrounding Wayne this past couple of weeks and the album hitting the streets next week, I didn’t expect to see anyone dropping a new Wayne mixtape anytime soon. So when dude hit me and told me “III” was almost ready, I’m not even gone front, the retailer in me was excited, but as a fan, I was thinking, “more bullshit”.

Almost all of these Wayne joints are glorified “best of’s”, with no spin on them whatsoever. I expected to hear the same from “III”, but I saw that dollar sign in the tracklist and knew there were at least some signature Rondevu remixes. “Click, Click” features Rick Ross and T Pain. This wasn’t the craziest remix I’ve heard Ronde do, but it was definitely better than most of the shit I’ve heard on the majority of Wayne releases. Its too easy for niggas to just drop one of the 77 freestyles dude released last year with a few leaks and call it a mixtape. By far, the most exciting track on “The Carter Chronicles III” was “Definition of A Hustler”. The sample of Jay Z (more than a hustler, I’m the definition of it), and the original production left me wishing that Rondevu would have spent the time to create a Wayne mixtape in the image that he’s laced so many of his infamous blend joints with. Not just for true mixtape fans, but for other DJ’s, because there are too many hustlers, money getters, and overall culture jockers, that the real Dj’s don’t even bother anymore. There isn’t much else to talk about, but my anticipation for the actual album release. After June 10th, these so called Dj’s are going to have to rely on someone or something else to cake up. For what it was, “III” was decent, but only if you’re a Lil Wayne fan anticipating everything he does.