DJ Ryno – Back To Basics

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Straight up and down this is one of my favorite mixapes so far this year for some Down South H-town music. I’ve had it for a minute and usually listen to it when other mixtapes burn my ear out. Welcome DJ Ryno to Rapmullet, Qwasian on the cover and Noizemob affiliated. Ryno is my new favorite Noizemob DJ too; this is by far a classic mixtape formula. Think about it; the title is Back To Basics so you should know what it’s about.

“Let me show you how to make that crack”, is how the intro jumps off. Cuts was nice man, can’t front plus he was working the echo something lovely. Not really diggin’ the “Grillz” remix but the shit was on point with Jeezy and Slim Thug. The “Diamonds” remix is pure cocaine with Young Buck in the mix. The joint that really caught my ear was “So Real” with DJ DMD and the Screwed Up Click. If this isn’t a laid back, slow ride track then I don’t know what it is. My favorite shit gots to be “Swang” remix with Trae, Hawk and Fat Pat. That sample is ill people.

Transitions are beat matched, cut up or just faded lovely; how every mixtape should be made in a perfect world. Like I said above, I’ve had the CD for a minute and it’s not brand spanking new music but you can pop the shit in and let it ride from beginning to end. Plus Ryno got the double disc with the slowed and chopped disc. Not really my cup of tea but from a marketing stand point he has all bases covered. Rhyno on his game people, don’t sleep.