DJ Ryno – Got Drank? Vol. 1

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Get some god damn drank in ya system! Hustle Squad DJs back in the review section, I see ya’ll. I gotta tell you I love me some fat, thick ass jewel case CDs man. Texas got it going on with that shit and Ryno always comes with the double CD that’s got that Chopped version. I love it man, proper professional packaging….how’s that for alliteration? Peep the bar code, shhhh you didn’t hear that from me. The games changing, step up or get left behind you other DJs, Rhyno is game tight with the skills and the presentation.

I said it in another review DJ Ryno is my new favorite Noize Mob DJ. If you’re a DJ and you think you can get away with not mixing in 2006 you’re an ass, slap yourself. Peep Ryno’s intro and you will know what you’re fucking with on this here CD. Is it the best intro every done? NO, but it let’s you know what you’re about to listen to. GRIT Boys got a hit with “Drank In Ya System”, I don’t care if its been out for a minute. The shit that got me ridin’ slow is “Lean On Me”. Yo Gotti laces this track and the hook will have you fucked up. I was def diggin’ that throwback freestyle with Paul Wall and Chamillionaire. Those two cats got an ill chemistry. Ahhh man good to see Tyte Wurk up on this CD with “Mary Jane” remix, I still bump this track to this day.

Ryno is just straight up mixing man. I like that and I like the double CD thing even though I don’t mess with Chopped and Slowed music. Texas is hip hop people, the south is hip hop, the west and mid west is hip hop; appreciate that fact and accept it. At its essence DJ Ryno is keeping NY style mixtapes alive he’s just doing it his way with his music but that vibe, that feeling that you get from hearing a DJ mix, is there and it ain’t going no where.