DJ Sam Smoove & DJ Jules – Reggae Madness Blends Vol. 1

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Welcome back Sam Smoove and Jules. I had a lil bit of road trip today so it was def time for some Reggae blends. I was floating on the highway too, route 128 like a champ till I got caught up in some bullshit. Cats was rolling on the highway with two of those small ass spare tires, (we call ’em donuts), as their back tires. Needless to say once you go over 50 mph on those joints you might as well be ridding solo in a boat trailer and cats smacked the guard rail. Madness is perfect word to describe that shit.

Damn, another scratch into people. Cats is going all out and Sam Smoove was on point with it. No bullshit, that “Raw Food Riddim” is my shit. Had me open while I was listening to “Yo Voy” into “No One”. The other thing I noticed was Sam Smoove was working the echo type lovely on the transitions. That shit is a lost art now a days. True to his name “Superwoman” came in type smoove after “Give It Up To Me”. I haven’t heard that track in a minute, let alone Lil Mo but the shit worked lovely. When “Be Happy” hit over that beat…forgetaboutit, I looked like a complete ass in my ride sitting in traffic vibin’ off that. I don’t know what “Rakata” means but the shit sounded fly as a blend. The young lady ass clappin’ blend of the CD was the “Overdrive” blend; gotta push up the BPMs. DJ Jules set was a lil more traditional as far as reggae CDs go with back to back riddim sets. The jump off riddim was cool, I can see “Touch” setting it off in the club. Elephant Man is def not one of my favorites but I was diggin’ “Bad Mind People”. The sleeper track was Ward 21 with Wayne Marshall on “We Got The Flavor”; that shit was type hard. (no gaylord).

You get the best of both worlds with this CD. Smoove got the blends on lock without question while Jules gives you some of the more mainstream joints out right now; something for everyone. I’m def not gonna front like I wasn’t diggin’ Sam Smooves set more cause that shit was all highway music. Both DJs mixing tracks back to back with ease too. Lets hope they keep submitting CDs cause our reggae section needs the competition. Who’s running the ‘mullet for reggae CDs? I guess we’ll have to wait and see how the competition responds.