DJ Sam Smoove – Reggae Madness 2

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Hey, its ya baby Mom’s favorite DJ back in the Rapmullet review section. Shit, you don’t wanna fuck with my baby moms. She’ll leave you broke in an alley holding your dick like “what the fuck just happened?” Cats are on that Reggae Madness shit…popular title for a reggae CD.

I can still listen to the beat for “Come Around”. You could blend that with Yodeling and I would still rock that shit. “Shottas” got my ride shaking like maracas. I’m def rewinding this shit. “She Wants It” is the date rape theme song. Hahaha, naw but for real she wanted it. That SMV Blend of “Sexy Lady” was fly; nice lil flip of that song riding out the same riddim from “She Wants It”. I’m diggin’ the energy on “My Everything”…I gotta pick up that Collie Buddz album. He laced that “Beautiful” remix too on some classic mixtape shit. I see Stat Quo making the remix rounds as well on the same song. As much as I want to hate “Five-O”…the remix is the shit. If I hear another broad bumping “Hot Wuk” out their Honda Civic it’ll be to soon; time to switch it up ladies. “Graveyard Shift” is a sleeper. Kardinal spit some acid on this joint.

I dig the way Sam Smoove is cutting into tracks, gives the shit a lil dif vibe than you average reggae mixtape. Plus the skills are on point and he’s adding some balance to the mix with that commercial appeal.