DJ Sandman – Back On My Mixtape Shi*t

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Welcome DJ Sandman to the review section. I know he’s been an avid reader of Rapmullet and active message board member and it’s good to see his mixtape in the streets. I love mixtapes like this man. It’s real simple people; the mixtape is actually mixed. If you got a good ear for music and mix bangin’ tracks back to back with some skill you will always have a tight product. It doesn’t have to be ultra exclusive it just has to be MIXED! Ya dig?

Damn, Jean Grae murdered the beat for “New York Shit”. Now I’m not a huge E-40 fan but the DJ Scene remix to “Tel Me When To Go” is that shit for real and it worked nicely into Daz and Kurupts “Daz Thing”. You know what; I can even take listening to “De Ja Vu” again when it’s mixed well between joints. My favorite part of the CD was from Termanology’s “Watch How It Go Down” into Redmans “Let’s Go” all the way through Young Zee and “Killaman”. That Young Zee was slept on hard; he literally kills a man on that track too. There was something about ending the CD with KRS-One’s “My Life” into “Flashbacks” by Papoose that just made you feel like the CD was oozing hip hop appeal.

This right here is a mixtape people, take notes. It’s not all about new tracks, it’s about dope songs being mixed together to give you a hip hop experience. Yea you heard a lot of tracks on here before but there’s one or two you haven’t’ and Sandman brings a classic mixtape feel out of each and every track. The cuts were on point like a mutha fucka and the transitions were smooth. I mean god damn people it’s beat matching, that’s like the first thing you learn to do as a DJ or at least it used to be. I wanna thank DJ Sandman for making this CD keeping classic mixtapes alive and well.