DJ Scarface – Can’t Beat Us Join U

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If you can’t beat us, join us….or we’ll roll over you like a fat man chasing a case of little Debbies. That would have been my mixtape title. Too long I think but effective none the less. DJ Scarface back in the building doing what he does…his mixtape presence is undeniable. Laz is hosting along with some cat called Ruste Juxx…never heard of him.

“Street Fighters” is the fucking wheel. Something about that beat man makes you want to tear open a dutch. Laz got his shit off too: “I aint’ OTB but I ran horses”. NC gets some shine with Rain on “Birth Of A Lengend” and Cas on “Cocaine Cowboys”…who said the south ain’t got lyrics? Scarface gotta be the only dude fucking with ACD, props to him for supporting that realness. “The Life We Lead” with ACD and Twin Gambino is that hustle off the beeper music. Damn, Ruste Juxx just turned the track “Rock On” into vegetables; he can def rhyme. Scarface with his ear to the street I see. Can never got wrong fucking with Tragedy Khadafi. “Hood Ikon” is cool, shit is produced by Mighyfuzzyoung….an name you should be hearing more about. St Laz and Geolani trade bars on “The Only Killa” like some true MIC vets. Lo-Smooth got a Uncle Murda vibe going on with “Brooklyn We Back”…dude can rhyme tho.

Truth be told it’s refreshing to get an “exclusive” mixtape that doesn’t have the same 20 tracks DJs is passing off as new shit. Scarface doing a lil diggin all while bringing the people some tracks that needed to be heard. He may not be mixing or scratching but he’s sticking to his own lane, being consistient with a unique formula and that alone gives him an advantage over the pause tape masses.