DJ Scarface – Lock Ya Door For The Haters

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Sometimes I think when DJ Scarface emails me, he really wants to slap the shit outta me cause I missed reviewing one of his releases. You think I’m being funny but I’m dead serious. Scarface doesn’t play and if not anything else the dude is consistently consistent with his drops. I give him credit tho, he stays with his ear to the pavement and middle finger up to the non believers.

Snyp Life is riding shotgun with Scarface on this mixtape. If you don’t know who Snyp is well then I def feel sorry for your mother. When you peep this mixtape listen to “Life I Chose” and tell me Snyp isn’t a cold ass mutha fucka on the MIC? I dare you to say other wise, fuck around and catch a Rapmullet shank in your neck. Did someone say “BK Madness”? Reck and Laz slide through and dare you to say their name bitch. Lol…it’s that raw rhyming people, you know you love it. Is that Gawbless up on here? It is man, “The Great Flood” is a good look flow wise…I can dig it. “Get It How You Live It Pt. 2” is the posse cut people. Snyp, Laz and Nickle-us-F go in on some soulful shit. Illa Ghee doing what he do on “I’m Here”. I wonder who he’s talking to on this track? Hmmm. Might as well end the highlights with a classic Snyp freestyle. I’m telling ya’ll, give Snyp 60 seconds with a classic instrumental and he will make you a believer.

I’m not gonna lie, I skipped around a little bit on this one. Def a couple FF joints on here but the mixtape had it’s moments. Snyp joints alone make the shit cop-able. You don’t cop Scarface mixtapes to get your dance on tho, you cop for that block music, that pissy drunk fuck a fat bitch and regret it in the morning music. We all do it and you know what? We all like that shit too…stop lying to yourself.