DJ Scarface – Makin’ Noize N Da Hood

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T Dot’s exclusive king is back Makin’ Noize. It’s all about that crack music people. You know how it goes with “new music”, you live and die by it. There is def some interesting looking songs on the track list. Enough of the yammy yam, let’s see who is poppin’ off and who is shooting blanks.

Jo Jo Pellegrino is in the building with “Staten Advance”. This track is cool, Jo Jo still got a nice flow and he still paints a nice picture with the words. I don’t know what happened with his deal but he still sounds on point. If you’re a QU music fan you have to fuck with Illa Ghee. “My Image” got a little twist to it concept wise and the flow is always on point. See what did I say in another review? If you’re not fucking with A-Mafia you’re not truly mixtape grindin’. Same holds true for Stack Bundles, “Sucker For Love”. I never get sick of that song, that joint is true story music. One of the hardest tracks on the CD is Rain, fresh outta NC beating up the track for “It’s Yourz”. It’s amazing how the right beat brings out the best in an MC. Hearing Nore, Nature, Prodigy and St. Laz trading verses was the shit. “Cold Blooded Killa” will have ya’ll crawling through the hood looking for something to get into.

This CD was half and half with me. You got some heat from A-Mafia, Jo Jo, Stack Bundles, Cas, and Illa Ghee; Taj Mahal was decent and Flame and Rain was a good look too. But this cat Nyce is far from it, DMX album joint and Rick Ross album cuts are predictable. Not that album cuts are bad but if you have internet access you can get any leaked album if you look hard enough. I’m telling ya’ll though, Scarface is gonna get 20 bangin’ ass tracks one of these days and drop a classic “exclusive” CD on us.