DJ Scarface – The Badman Returns

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Scarface it back off a sub par review, he breaking some new joints so I gotta get my exclusive on real quick before I hit the cold pillow sitting in front of my air conditioner. You know when you first hit the bed and the shit is mad cold, I love that shit man. Couple hits off a roach, couple of benedryl and I’m out like a light. hahaha. You know what I like about DJ Scarface? He peeped his last review and emailed on some “that was a shit review, I’m coming back”. Thats how you handle your B.I.

Nucci Reyo laces “Tonight’s The Night”; I love that beat. “You Ain’t No Gangsta” by Mobb Deep is def a cutting room floor track. That beat is cat piss on top of a shit salad. I was diggin’ “Never, Never”. Havoc came correct with a tight verse. I still don’t know what to make of Nyce. He came though with “Hold You”, but his voice is mad generic to me. He just doesn’t stand out. Again Havoc stands out on “Nah”. Fuck the bullshit Havoc needs to drop a solo album already. Is that Spliff Star? Yes it is; “Grandma Always Said” is his joint and honestly it don’t sound too bad. It’s lacking his usual energy but he does get a little deep with the rhyme. Figures the end of the CD heats up like a fat bitches thighs on a summer day. “Tell It Like It Is” by Ludacris is the best track on the CD. Luda is just coming raw uncut this summer and he just doing him while keeping it real, can’t front on that. Young Buck on “Do It Myself” was rhyming his ass off and he top notch with the flow too. Although Nature spitin’ about “famalama and hamalam” wasn’t cutting it, he still got decent word play.

Scarface def stepped it up a notch with the music and song placement. Again when you fucking with exclusives you live and die by the music. He getting the “net” exclusives out quicker but it’s the other joints that really make the shit pop off. The Nucci Reyo, the A-Mafia, the St. Laz ect. You know what it is just cause a track is new don’t make it hot.