DJ Scene – 2080’s Part 2

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I thank god I’m not a 80s baby cause I would have missed some of the best and cheesiest music ever made. I say cheesy in the nicest way possible too cause no matter how much you deny it everyone loves a good ass cheesy song. DJ Scene is slept on out here in the east but be assured he’s one of the best DJs in the country…mixtape, party, radio…whatever.

Welcome to the first classic mixtape of 2009. Most typical mixtape heads will probably disagree but I can say you’re truly not listening or you’re just not a fan of music in general. Leave it to a rock/pop mixtape of mostly 80’s tunes to be the first classic. What does that say about our music right now? Speaks volumes if you ask me.

As soon as you hear that intro, you know what it is. Let’s see where can I start highlight wise. You know these tracks and if you don’t you’re either very young or just a moron. Know this tho, it’s the energy and timing that make this mixtape a classic. From “Betty Davis Eyes” into Journeys “Don’t Stop Believing” blend into “Just What I Need” into “Hungry Like the Wolf”. Not to mention DJ Scene finds a way to mix “Two Tickets To Paradise” into the mix. Eddie mutha fucking Money people. Do you not realize the power of Eddie Money? All the while Stevie Nicks “Edge Of Seventeen” rides lightly in the background. Peep the bongo track when “”Gypsy” drops, shit had me open and DJ Scene rocks it in the background all the way through too.

Not much else I can say, but as corny as it sounds, this mixtape is just fun. I’m always in a good ass mood after listening. It’s really just feel good music people and the timing, the skills, and the nostalgia of the project make it a true classic.