DJ Scope & DJ Whitowl – Face Off

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Bah bah bah black sheep have you any wool? Shit is all nursery rhymes these days man. Mixtapes are boring, mixtape formulas are boring, websites are boring, new music is boring and I honestly think Lil Wayne uses tampons on his man-gina. Lil Wayne period blood aside, where is the mixtape “business” headed? I’ll tell you where it’s at tho. Take DJ Scope for instance. He’s a skilled DJ, look at the video on his myspace: Except, he uses none of those skills on his mixtapes, nada, zip, zero, nill, negative. That’s were the game is right now.

Scope playing that Mega and Hell Rell was a first that I’ve seen for any mixtape. It’s funny to me how DJs neglect Cormega on their mixtapes. He said…”So keep running your mouth I run up in your house / and do your face like Rick James did Eddie Murphy’s couch.” Lol, Mega and Hell Rell is an odd combo but it works. The only other Dipset cat I’m fucking with besides Hell Rell is 40 Cal. “Y’all Know” got a lil bounce to it, a lil commercial appeal but dude can flat out rhyme. Scope hitting with more Mega on “No Holding Back” with AZ. Not a big fan of this beat. You figure these two on a track and this the best they got for a beat? Naw man someone dropped the ball. I don’t know why cats think “The Badside” is dope. That beat was ass cheeks and loose pussy lips. “U Gonna Love Me” was aight tho. I still think Wayne got some weak ass punchlines but he got over on the hook. That Jadakiss freestyle was 21 seconds long, what the fuck is that. That’s a drop or a long sweeper, I’m laughing. Good to see Whitowl supporting Stat Quo. “For The People” is smooth and lyrical…a combo you don’t get much of these days. Freeky Zeeky was flipping words on “Fly Fitted” but the flow was choppy on some lumber jack type shit.

Cats are doing what they think they need to do to get on…god bless ’em and I hope it works out. Scope to his credit and his teams credit puts in work and he can actually DJ. Whiteowl on the other hand I don’t know about. Can dude actually DJ? Who knows, he doing the same thing mixtape wise…following everyone else. Like I’ve said before, some cats lead and some cats follow. When you see “a follower” become a bonified star in this business holla at me.