DJ Scream & AL Gator – Un-Reasonable Doubt

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How many cats know who AL Gator is? If you fuck with mixtapes like that, especially down south you know but cats is looking for that house hold name. Although you’ve probably already heard him on the radio cause he’s written some of your favorite rappers rhymes. This is where DJ Scream comes into play and rightfully so as he’s one of only a handful of DJs in the A that acutally runs the streets with a proper buzz.

“B.O.S.S of ATL” got that thump and the pans in the beat were fucking with my head. I wasn’t really diggin’ the hook like that but Gator got some potent punchlines. Now “Talk What I Live” is that proper hook I was looking for from him. This is that track to fuck up the trunk of your car while Gator gets you amped the fuck up. See Gator got a lil bit of a choppy flow so when you hear “That’s Something” and he shifts gears a lil bit you can really truly appreciate his MIC skills. “When Gator Come” is that mixtape shit. Contrary to all these cats who put down MCs flowing over known beats that shit is necessary and is what makes a mixtape a mixtape. “U Hear That?” got me rewinding shit, bout to run up on someone for the hell of it. The sleeper track is “Like What Ya Doin” showing a lil versatility keeping the strip club poppin’. Not for nothing the best track on this whole CD to me was “Hustlaz Music”. I don’t know why that shit was at the end but tempo wise this is where Gator shines brightest and he got some of the meanest lines I’ve heard in a minute on this joint too

Its 2007 people and that watered down, fake living, frontin’ ass hip hop music isn’t gonna cut it no more. Real life music is where shit is at, not that gangsta glamorous shit…real my life is fucked up but I’m living music; Gator more than convey’s that in his rhymes. Truth be told Gator is a writer period. I’m not a fan of his flow but he def saying some shit and doing better than a lot of MCs. Chalk up another one for Scream too; this is what being a mixtape DJ is all about.