DJ Scream – So Seductive III

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I did get the DJ Scream CD where he bodied DJ Smallz on the cover but I wanted to review something different so we R&B’n it this time out. I hear Scream is real heavy in the streets out in ATL along with Drama and few others. I must say he do his thing with the mixtapes from all angles.

Is it just me or should Daron (from 112) stay with 112? Leave the solo shit for cats with talent. Now Young Joc on “Like This” was cool but the song itself is weak, good rhyme though. “Every time you scream at me/ I wanna kick you/ When you put your hands on me/ I wanna puch you-ooo/ when we get to arguing/ just gotta kill you, baby/ I don’t know why it’s like that but your just so damn annoying—when you open your mouth.” Let’s face it “When You’re Mad” by Neyo is for the ladies. We need to get one of these little hood rat R&B singers to flip this with a reply. You know when you’ve truly made it on some cross over appeal? When my six year old daughter hears your song on the radio and says to turn it up. “Gimme That” is just that song. On the low I’m fucking with LeToya Luckett’s joint “Torn”, shit got a nice mello vibe and the sample is ill too.

This CD is def rep’n for the ladies. Scream is mixing on the transitions and he doubled a couple tracks up too. Cool formula and it satisfies his female fans at the same time. Dimez and I dropped a few R&B joints back in the day, it’s necessary and it helps get pussy too. Def gotta shout out the local ho’s if you going that route.