DJ Scream & The Game – Let The Game Begin

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To say DJ Scream is heavy in the streets is an understatement. This collaboration took me by surprise tho. Just goes to show you when an MC needs to be on the streets of the south they going to Scream to handle that and then some. For those that know me you know I’m not an avid Game fan but I like to find good music so you never know right? Game can rhyme I know this but the beef is wack, we need some other shit and hopefully it’s on here.

I was diggin’ how Scream brough “One Blood” back to the top, that shit was righteous. “It’s My Turn” is some classic mixtape shit that beat is starting to get played but Game did it justice. Game’s flow was the most on point I heard in a minute with “On and On”; gotta say I’m impressed with dude. I’m still not convinced with “Let’s Ride”. Shit got some club appeal, radio appeal I guess. That beat is just a lil too fluffy for me but Game singing on the hook was impressive. He capturing that shit 50 did for him on the last album. If the timing is right this single could do alright. Hi-Tek laced “1-800 Homicide” and that hook got funk all over it. I’ve been fucking with this track on the low. “Will I Die” over “Been There, Done That” was aight, not really the best beat to fuck with IMO. Hoodfella showing and proving on “Light The Weed”. Beat got that laid back weed’d out vibe. Best track on the CD? Besides the Hi-Tek joint it’s gotta be “Where Your Money”. This is the type of shit Game gotta be on and Nu Jerzey Devil wasn’t half bad either. I can’t fuck with “The Funeral”, time to move on homie.

See when Game worries about Game he makes some dope music. He better off doing his diss records old school style and just busting off subliminals where cats don’t know who he talking about. Truth be told the only person who can really damage Game is Game; he his own worst enemy. Dig on that. This project right here is some hard shit (no gaylord). I don’t even fuck with Game like that but Scream on the co-sign adds weight and keeps it truly heavy in the street.