DJ Sean G – Lever 2008

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I used to rock Lever 2000 soap back when I fucked with bar soap. Shit was refreshing, but I rock the puff and liquid soap now. Not really, but that shit sounded funny to me. For those cats that do use a “puff” and liquid soap in the shower, can I ask if you…have ever made soup in a loaf of sour dough bread? Lol. I love the cover to this mixtape: simple, eye catching and there’s no trio of well known MCs, with kilo’s and guns randomly placed in a “ghetto” scene. Not to mention a full moon or a flock of crows flying by in the background. *(insert crow sound here…”cooo cawww”). To sum up the cover…shit is “fresh”…pun intended.

Sean G is back riding with Pacific Division sitting shotgun. If you don’t know Pacific Division by now, put down your “puff” and liquid soap, take your favorite rappers dick out of your mouth and “discover” some talented cats who will be the future of this hip hop music. I will say that “F.A.T Boys” wasn’t my favorite song by them. The concept was dope, the beat knocked and the video complimented shit perfectly…still not my favorite shit tho. While we’re talking about beats that “knock”…Cool Kids got some shit with “Black Mags”. This is the anthem right now get ya BMX on. “Paper Planes” been on constant rewind, someone might have to lace this with a proper remix. That “Maybach Music” got me smoked out, shit should come with a $20 sack and a bag of Cheeto’s. Mibbs is lyrically sharp on that “Grammy Family” freestyle. “You down to earth ni99as / I reside on Jupiter” and “I turn a vocal booth into a scene from Backdraft”…classic; someone get a fire extinguisher please. No bullshit, “Say Goodbye To Love” is that feel good music. Kenna is getting his Rick James on. “Weerdo” is a trip, can’t front…it’s cool tho. I never listened to the “A Millie” with Corey Gunz verse but he def stole Waynes shine…damn that was crazy. I had to rewind his verse 3 times. Wayne came with all swag and Cory Gunz just ate the beat alive with MIC skills…big difference between the two people. “Paper” by Pacific Division is my joint…and the video to match. It’s just that realness people, you gotta love it.

This project is def bangin’. Sean G gets it right giving you that “freshly new” shit with Pac Div, Cool Kids, ect and manages to slide in Rick Ross, Jay Z, and of course Lil Wayne. That’s mixtape balance people, few understand it and even fewer get it right so when it comes around you must listen. The project is on numerous blogs across the internet, you know how those “puff” and liquid soap using bloggers do, so go download it.