DJ Semi & DJ Papa Smirf – Southern G’z

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You ever been punched in the face with brass knuckles? That shit hurts like a mutha fucka, let me tell you. I got caught slipping, high out my mind one early morning at the pizza shop by these little wanna be thugs. This cat started arguing with me on some bullshit and…bloaW! His man catches me with the brass knuckles on and I know they thought I was gonna be laid out but when I just stood there holding my calzone and turned and looked at dude they both took off running. Semi and Smirf bout to punch you in your god damn face with this here CD only difference is, there is no where to run too.

DJ Semi doing his thing with the remixes man. After a nice little scratch intro and some words from Lil Wayne you get “Eternal Sunshine” with Akon. Now I’m not a huge Akon fan but he’s starting to grow on me with the hooks. Suffice it to say Semi flips “I Got Five On It” behind this track and it just flat out works. As soon as I got down listening to this I hit rewind and then it finally hit me that I was about to hear some a dope ass mixtape. Hands down the best remix to me was “Make It Rain Pt.2 “. I mean just click the link and listen, nod your head and listen again…you know you want to. “Robber Burnin” got that thump to it, that shit to make the trunk of your car sound like it’s filled with a couple thousand dildos. T.I.’s best remix was the Beatdown produced “Where Da G’s At?” It’s got a classic sample and a simple bounce to it. I know all the corner boys will be posted up bangin’ the “Get That Bread” freestyle with Lil Wayne; that shit is the epitome of crack music. I couldn’t really get into the Sleepy Brown assisted “I’m The One” with T.I. Shit was musical as hell but didn’t pop off like I was expecting. I mos def could have done without “Chain Hang Low” remix, ugghhh. Semi brought it back tho with “I Don’t Love Em”. Remy Ma don’t like saggy Magnums, hahahaha, that shit had me rolling; she’s an ill bitch on the MIC. I see Semi and Smirf flipped some R&B ish joints at the end. Def a different look, mixtape wise but after “Hollywood Divorce” I was FF to that “Southern G’z Lil Wayne” freestyle. If you never heard Wayne a capella this is the joint to listen too. Old boy is def lyrical with his.

I love me a CD that I can just pop in my ride and just let it play from front to back. Props to Semi and Smirf for doing what they do. Lately I’ve been holding no expectations with mixtapes; it makes it easier to either be really suprised or impressed or really let down or just fucking bored with a release. This project right here was impressive. It has the perfect balance of new shit, freestyles, skills, remixes and just plain good music. Plus Semi stepped up his MIC game and held this joint down in a serious way. If I’m not mistaken this is going to be a whole mixtape series, “Southern G’s”, so keep ya ears open.