DJ Semi & Hot Rod – Mick Swagger

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Truth be told I don’t have much swagger. I will however punch you dead in your face if you violate but other than that I’m chillin’ with my daughter every night doing 1st grade homework, watching cartoons and listening to mad mixtapes. Hot Rod on the other hand got his swagger game up to par. If there is going to be a new MC this year to actually be “stylin’ on you” it’s gonna be this cat. DJ Semi got his mixtape swagger down too. Peep his catalogue and you have to admire his rise to power. Everybody got an AKA now; Semi is the Mixtape Marvel, Hot Rod actually has a ton of em. Me…I’m gonna roll with Big Chew AKA The Mixtape Tom Chambers AKA that big white dude standing over there looking pissed off.

“Roll With Me” got a thump to it, can def see the ladies shaking their ass to this. I thinks that’s gonna be a recuring theme with Hot Rod and throughout this mixtape; him catering to the ladies. Usually the cats that are part of the crew from an MC who just got on are trash but Cinque was impressive on “AZ to NY”. Dude got his shit off on the MIC and he got a little more street in him than Hot Rod. I def wasn’t in the mood to hear another MC spit over that “Canon” beat but Hot Rod added his own style to that beat, he’s coming with some witty punchlines man. If for whatever reason you’re a cat who still thinks Hot Rod can’t rhyme you gotta peep the acapella freestyle he does; dude sounds like he playing on the MIC…like it’s mad easy. “Got my advance in a glad bag”. lol I hope not man! I still fuck with that “Keep It On The Low” Semi Mix he dropped a minute ago. Banks sounds like a fucking champ on that beat too. The sleeper track is the Semi & Beatdown produced “Be Easy” remix. The fact Hot Rod jumped shit off with MJB is impressive but I still think this is his best track to date.

I always keep shit honest with the readers so for me Hot Rod isn’t really someone I would be checking for. I mean dude is carving his own lane and he is certainly not being anybody he’s not and that alone deserves props. He’s gonna have a huge female fan base and god bless him for it. Ladies cop CDs man and he along with 50 Cent is gonna have these same ladies in the club getting sweaty. I def hear what 50 Cent hears in dude tho, that evident; he’s got hip hop star potential. Semi sees it to that’s why the fuck he’s been supporting him and getting his name out to the masses. Lyrically Hot Rod is in the club, he got that swagger and he stylin’ on tracks on some mink draggin’ mad hoes on my dick shit. Get ya money man!