DJ Semi – Position of Power

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I like the title to this mixtape. Semi always comes with a hot concept and turns out quality product. Since Rapmullet slacked on the CD before this one you know we had to come correct. Keeping it honest with ya’ll when I first heard Hot Rod I wasn’t that impressed. Maybe it was the name or just that initial listen but I didn’t think dude had it in him and I def couldn’t see what 50 Cent saw in the kid. Regardless, I’ve learned you have to give MCs a chance because that initial song you hear might be old or just a weak track.

The “Mick Swagger” freestyle was cool. I’m sick of that beat tho, “cannon…cannon”, nice way to brand your name. One of my favorite Lloyd Banks records is “Survivor”. I’ve said it in other reviews but if you just ignore the hook and focus on the rhyme Banks destroys this track; top notch word play and punch lines. The jewel of this project is the “Remix Radio” freestyle with 50 and Young Buck. This is that mixtape shit people; this is why you cop them in the first place. Regardless if it was on the Radio the shit is bangin’. Now the track that made me see what 50 Cent heard in Hot Rod was “Work It Out” with Lloyd Banks. I don’t know what this track is off of but it has hit potential. Semi remix wise killed “License to Kill Pt. 3” This is that “kill you for your crack spot” music. I know the shit leaked a minute ago but “Angel” might be one of the best tracks 50 did with Mobb Deep. I don’t like the soft ass hook but the rhyme was on point, especially Havoc. Young Buck is a beast man if you didn’t know already. He shines on “That Ain’t A Dance” and “If You Want Some”. Him and Banks need to do an album together and truly get the best of the east and the south. That shit would def be better than Lil Wayne and Juelz. On the low I’m getting my highway on to “Superstar”. 50 laces that hook, def some feel good music for your ride. Back on that remix shit, Semi pops off with “Oh No Pt. 2”. I’m telling ya’ll Buck is about to be a mega superstar, my favorite track of the whole CD right here.

If you fucking with G Unit this CD sums up their whole vibe right now. You got Hot Rod showcased and not being over-exposed. You got Young Buck poised to rule hip hop in the New Year. You got Banks popin’ off punch lines like changin’ clothes. You also got Yayo sounding mad week with some simplistic ass rhyme schemes and a lost Mobb Deep. Either way the CD is bangin’ and rated as such.