DJ Set It Off – Chi Chi Get The Yayo 3

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Tell me the title to this mixtape isn’t the shit…on top of that Set It Off used the sound clip from Scarface as a drop; classic. Blend CDs today are few and far between, the Blend DVD is gaining momentum tho which is a good thing. If you peep the track list you’ll see Set It Off is pushing that down south blend music. I ain’t mad at it but I still can’t listen to Weezy even when it’s blended…just call me a hater I guess.

“Two International Bitches” brought out the best in Too Short. See that’s why I fuck with Set It Off, yea he got his Lil Wayne blends but he also brings it back to Too Short who is a true pimp on the MIC…and you can already tell what beat he used by the title of the blend. “Two bitches at the same time / and neither one of these ho’s is mine”…classic…trick! Hahahaha. Cats need to bring that word back; trick. With all these trick ass DJs in the game now it’s warranted. Honestly tho, “Shawty Snappin” was a hard listen for me. I think “Buy You A Drink” is dead in the middle of little Italy right now. “Poppin’ Rubber Bands” was catchy. The beat made that shit what it was. “West Side OG” is an anthem…Mac Boney def thugged out that beat with his verse. I knew there had to be one blend I could put on heavy rotation. “Starched Down Creases” is that blend. The bass had me open and you can never go wrong fucking with 8Ball & MJG, blend or otherwise. “On Some Real Shit” was a good fit….”Big Poppa” is a slept on beat now and Rick Ross was on that thug ya mother type shit. I was fucking with the blend for “Hood Ni99a” too. I’m telling you Gorilla Zoe could blow the fuck up any day now. For you Lil Wayne fans that “freestyle” blend on track 16 was fly…I’ll give Set It Off that one.

DJ Set It Off did his thing but some blends where hit and miss to me. Like you can hear on certain blends that Set It Off enjoyed making them while some others sounded forced. Shit, I understand it’s hard to fill up a whole CD full of quality blends. I think he can do better as an overall cohesive project tho and I would be expecting him to drop that soon, because southern blends are a nice mixtape niche to take over and the shit is wide open right now.