DJ Set It Off – Stomp Of Approval

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Put your hands together for DJ Set It Off people give him a warm welcome to the Rapmullet review section. You ever look at a track list and just be like “shit looks aight, nothing special” and then when you finally peep the music you wanna slap yourself for being ignorant? I just slapped myself. We getting into the highlights but let me say that Set It Off def put the MIX in his mixtape.

“Breaking Old Habits” is the first track and the mix is the shit. The transitions into “Do Ya Thing” remix was seamless and the next thing I knew I was listening to “Who Gives A Fuck Where You From”. It doesn’t stop there Set It Off then drops three beats behind this track like it was fucking nothing and brings in Bun B’s “In Money We Trust” verse just to insult cats. Honestly I’m not a huge Lil Jon fan but Jada and Petey Pablo on “Put Yo Hood Up” mix was the shit. By far the best mix on the CD was 3-6 Mafia on “Gotta Stay Draped Up”. The way he flipped the chorus was genius man, I can’t front. Same with Stat Quo on “Problems”, straight militant music with that beat. The “Pushin” remix with Loko, Bun B and Jeezy was that raw off the corner music.

DJ Set It Off put it all together on this one. From the blends to the beat matched transtions to just plain bangin’ music. I personally don’t get to hear to many down south blends so when I do get to hear em it’s always a pleasure. If anything you need to cop this just for 3-6 Mafia’s “Gotta Stay Draped Up” blend. That joint is simple, creative and just plain effective.