DJ Seye Daddy – I Need U 2 Hate Vol 1

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Damn, Seye Daddy came back to the block with a ski mask on, hammers cocked back and Maino ridin’ shotgun screaming “run ya shit”! Honestly the blend game started out good as hell this year and slowly fell the fuck off. I hope cats are gunning for summer supremacy cause my ear is fiendin’ for some hot shit. Not some party shit either, save it for a BBQ, I want those gun butt ya blends, those blends that make you want to put a cat in a sleeper hold while you’re on the block just for fun. I love hate, hate is the most potent motivational tool there is if you ask me. Take that hate and out work the next man and make ’em want to kill themselves; I love this mixtape title man.

Seye Daddy proceeds to slam Cadillac doors with the first few blends as he beat matches, (that’s right he beat matches the transitions on his blends) between Slim Thug, Ludacris and Big Boi. Shit was bass heavy and snap dance free (thank god). Triple 6 Mafia on the “Stay Fly” was militant, Seye Daddy flipped the vibe of the track on it’s ear. Maino on “Thug Freestyle” was refreshing, ain’t heard from dude in a minute. The hook was getting over but the rhyme was all dirty needles and bloody gloves; sick. I’m not a huge Game fan but Seye Daddy flipped it on “Put You On The Game”. Def sick of that song but the beat breathed new life into it. Players, Pimps and Scallywags gather round as Jeezy breaks down a classic on “And Then What”. The rapper/mobster (lol) Cassidy sounds like he been chopping up bodies in Satriales spittin’ raw methamphetamine on “The Pump”. I swear that “Deep Cover” beat will make most average rappers sound good as hell. Seye Daddy lost me with the Nas blends back to back. Errrr, fast forward material at it’s finest. The sleeper track of the whole god damn CD is the A-Pinks Freestyle, shit is lethal. A-Pinks review coming soon too. .

Let’s get to the bottom line. The CD is boom bangin’; a nice balance between South and East blends and regular shit. Actually it’s not even about that, it’s about good ass music from both regions that make you wanna get in your ride, smoke a lil something, holla at a bitch with a fat ass and maybe catch a case or two. It’s that simple stupid.