DJ Shaun – Assorted Flavors

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Welcome DJ Shaun to the Rapmullet review section. He’s been a supporter of Rapmullet as well as message board member for a minute now and it’s always good to get a CD from the Rapmullet faithful. Thanks for the support Shaun we appreciate it. Judging by the track list there is a little bit of everything on this CD for everyone. If you know anything about Shaun you know he’s a skillful DJ so track list aside you know you’re about to hear something special.

Ahh, the scratch intro. Shaun doing it up big, keeping it short and simple. You hear DJs now making “intros” with just sound bites in between a radio dial / static changing sound these days. That’s really not an intro people, its called getting over in my opinion. Maybe Shaun can give you other DJs some lessons. Normally I would highlight tracks but with this CD it’s gonna be sections fo the CD. From the intro through “When I Come Thru” is def a lesson in mixing. Shuan transforming on these tracks is something special; especially when he’s paning that sound and the shit is bouncing from speaker to speaker. If you got the CD listen to the beginning of “When I Come Thru” again and see what I’m talking about. I was diggin’ J Shin on “Sent Me An Email”, took me by surprise. Shaun even turned Young Bucks “Money In The Bank” into a snap type track. I’m not a snapping type dude but I can def appreciate the effort. “I’m A Fool With It” by Twisted Black got my head nodding with that infectious hook. The mix is crazy people; anytime you can go form 40 Cal to Labba to Snoop Dog to Indie Arie and some how end up with Janet Jackson and the “Cal On Me” Lil Jon remix you know you just heard some shit.

If there is one thing that stands out from listening to this CD it has to be the skills. The fact Shaun took the time to use his skills as he did shows his love for the art while keeping that art alive and well. Just like the title of the CD says “Assorted Flavors”, you get everything on the CD. Shaun weaves a seamless mix of Top 40 joints into West Coast rider music into a lil reggae trip into that Down South petrone laced feel good music into a few East Coast bangers and then back again. Shaun may not be moving units by the truck load or dropping CDs every week but one thing is for sure….he knows how to make a bangin’ mixtape.