DJ Shef – Doin It The Hardway

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While most of you so called DJ’s and mixtape consumers were home getting your chill on DJ SHEF was in the lab cooking up some marvelous shit to get your head bobbing. His co-defendant on this criminal escapade to highjack your ears is the protégé to GHOST FACE KILLA; TRIFE DA GOD! With the “exclusive” game going to hell quicker than PRODIGY for that verse on “PEARLY GATES”, that creative thing is seriously back in effect. I listen to a lot of blend releases and most of them don’t require a second listen. Their either over done or simply not put together well. DJ SHEF cooks his blends up just right; unfortunately “DOIN IT THE HARD WAY” suffers from the second symptom mentioned.

Trust me when I tell you that there are some hard ass blends throughout the release. After listening to “DOIN IT…” I came up with a new term for joints like this; “body a bitch ass nigga music”. “Pain” was the first jump off and this is the music that makes you punch homie in the head behind the counter at the bodega when he forgets to give you a vanilla dutch with that 22 oz. CORONA. “Be So Cold” had me smoking a NEWPORT and holding my dick on the stoop. I was definitely on my NY shit! I didn’t think the track by BOAZ was that instant light it up, but you got to give it to SHEF for giving unsigned-hometown talent a prime spot on the mixtape. Where I come from, emcees pay to get some shine at the end of a bullshit release.

With all the flames on “DOIN IT…” it’s a shame that it wasn’t put together better. One of the most important aspects for a creative release is fluidity. Yes, I just bust out my thesaurus on you bitches. On a serious note, the transitions have to be smooth and things were just choppy all the way through. If you have a hot blend and then you go to the next shit and it just explodes in your fucking ears, that’s not hot! So while I’ll definitely recommend “DOIN IT THE HARD WAY” for cats that dig blends, but be prepared to have shit switch up at a moments notice.