DJ Shogun – Blend Man Returns

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That’s a creative cover…I mean to put yourself in tights on your own mixtape cover takes balls. If you have never heard a Shogun blend CD he def has skills and he usually fucks with some classic beats/acapellas. That’s a must in todays on again/off again blend game. This project features Big Driis..never heard the name before but welcome to the review section.

Honestly the “Smack That” blend wasn’t the best way to set shit off. No intro, talking…something to let the people know who they are about to hear or the CD is starting or just something other than playing the first blend. I can fuck with that “Entourage” blend tho. Using that D-Nice beat was classic and what I was talking about in the beginning of the review. I could say the same for the “You” blend with “Ain’t No Fun” as the beat…..even if that shit was looped it’s still hot as hell. Shogun lost me with the “Little Bit Of Love” blend. I couldn’t even tell you what it was about the blend the shit just didn’t sound good to me. I like that Shogun fixed the blend on some live shit tho…a lot of cats using the CPU on the blend would be lost doing that shit. I don’t know about using “4,3,2,1” anymore for anything. That song had its run and it’s now over; blended or not. Same shit for “Dead Wrong”. I mean the Jacko beat was cool and the vocal sample but the acapella quality was trash/metallic sounding. I def like how Shogun flipped “Cell Therapy” behind Lil Jon on “Snap Ya Fingaz”… a bright spot of the CD for real. “Funny How Time Flies” was tight too and has a ill vibe to it. Driis did his thing tho on the “Hypnotize” joint which was cool over some classic Black Moon.

Bottom line is the project is average for a Shogun mixtape. The music is all over the place tempo wise….it’s just like boom “here are some blends on a CD”. That’s the vibe I get from the mixtape. There’s really no concept behind it. I mean I was expecting a couple superman clips or something to bind the music together. I def expected much more from the CD and I would hope Shogun hits the lab a little harder next time.