DJ Showtime & DJ G Spot – M.O.B (Master of Blending)

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B-L-E-N-D-S! It’s been a minute on this blend shit. The last real blend CD that I can remember bumpin’ for a minute was the “Animaniacs” project. On some keep it real shit, cats still drop blend CDs…but the majority are on that top 40 radio shit and really…you might get 2 or 3 blends off those that you fuck with the rest is wonder bread. The thing I see and hear lacking is the “uh factor”. The “Uh Factor” is when you hear the blend drop and your nose crinkles up looking like you smelt the worst shit of your life and your head starts nodding and you can literally say “uh, uh, uh” along with the beat cause the shit just sounds that nasty. I’ve listened to every Dirty Harry mixtape over the last 3 or 4 weeks and the funny shit is Harry will let you know when one of those “uh factor” blends is about to pop off cause he will actual say “UHHH!” when it drops. Think I’m lying…go back and listen. I know for a fact DJs Showtime and G Spot got the skills and I will not dispute the MOB title but lets see how the “uh factor” is on this here project.

Showtime up first…17 blends, lets go! Can’t say the first joint “Win Or Lose” was the best jump off the hook lagged for me. “Can’t Knock The Hustle” held the ear a little more. Showtime gave that Jay vocal a whole different vibe. Not the first “uh factor” blend was by far “This Love”. I know I know mad cats have fucked with that Marron 5 joint but this just flat out works…classic beats win every time. If you can’t hit 80 in the fast lane off this blend you must be walking. “Sexy Can I” had potential but that beat wasn’t hard enough to make it go “uh”. The “uh” was found on “Love In The Red Dirt” tho…the hook lost me on this one tho too. I give props where its due always and the Willie Hutch joint “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” blend is all soul all day long. I never thought I would listen to Flo-rida’s “Low” ever again but with “Planet Rock” behind it that shit is infectious again. It wouldn’t be proper not to mention “Step Up”…that’s how you own a blend.

G Spot up second…17 blends, lets go! G Spot brought that energy with “How We Do It Around My Way”, “Strobe Light” and “Fire”. It’s the only way to describe it. Budden on “Fire” actually sounded type dope over a “friendly” beat. Honestly I couldn’t get into the Sheek and Common blends. “Ruff Ridin” was cool and the beat for Common’s “The People Coming Back” was just boring. G Spot captured the bounce well in “Hey Papi”, still not really any “uh factor” but a cool blend none the less. I like where G Spot took it with Avants “Making Good Love”…this is where shit started to pick back up again energy wise. No bullshit, G Spots “Magic” blend will heat up a dance floor, that shit was on point like a mutha.

I have mad respect for every DJ and artist I review, minus a few murda of the month candidates. I still always gotta keep it 100 tho and most respect the opinion without the bullshit. With that said Showtime def held the project down. He was the most consistent of the two by far and had the most “uh factor”. G Spot started out with the energy and built up a crazy vibe which got chopped in half when the Sheek droppped, he came back a little at the end but it was late. While always technically sound if the beat doesn’t move you the blend isn’t gonna move you either. I applaud the effort and the fact cats are keeping the blend alive.