DJ Silva Sir-Fa – The Rise of DJ Silva Sir-Fa

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Fifteen years making blend mixtapes man, that’s huge. Most of you cats reading this haven’t even been driving for 15 years and some of you are barely 15 years on this planet. Silva Sir-Fa is the epitome of longevity in this mixtape world…and he did with blends. Congratulations to that man and thanks for giving the world and blend fans everywhere their theme music for so long. You know what you do now? You go right to, sign up for the mailing list, stay connected to what he’s got going on and hit up the store for those classic blend CDs; nothing like directly supporting a mixtape legend and keeping the legacy going.

This is what you would call the “best of” DJ Silva Sir-Fa. All the best blends done by the man over the years, project after project. I give the man props for even attempting to put a CD out like this. It had to be one of the hardest projects he’s every done. There is no way you can take 15 years worth of work and extract the best blends and fit it into a 74 minute CD…a daunting task to say the least. With that said lets listen to The Rise of DJ Silva Sir-Fa.

Priest Forever sets the project off. The lost art of the custom freestyle done for the DJ. I miss those days man. Fiona Apple and Stevie Wonder lend vocals as well. One thing you can hear from when the first blend (Talib Kweli – Listen) starts is the energy. You might say to yourself “how can you hear energy?” Pick up the CD and you’ll know what I’m talking about. That Hell Razah freestyle from Pay Day Mix 26 is crazy. Three beats flipped and Razah spit: “It be the devils advocate in the Acura be acurate”…ahh the word play. We used to talk about “Highway” blends a lot on here and that Eric B & Rakim with Chubb Rock blend is exactly that. If you don’t dip out on the highway while this is playing then you’re a fuckin’ zombie and I can’t help you. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with his “Clash of the Titans mixtape series but you need to pick those up. The “Fast Car” blend is special. I don’t say that about a lot of blends either but the intricacy on this blend will fuck your head up. I could say the same thing about the “Party & Bullshit” blend. The vibe of that joint is so visual with that piano you can picture Biggie in some old smoky jazz club with the suit on sweating his ass off. My favorite part of the whole CD was the fact Silva Sir-Fa rocked Lu Lu’s “To Sir With Love”. Crazy joint to switch up the flow of the project and then to seamlessly follow it up with Wondress’ rendition of the same song a.k.a mixtape flip…”To Sir-Fa with Love”…straight classic. DJs don’t do shit like this anymore man. I hate T-Pain’s “Bartender” but with that Rahzel loop behind it he made it sound fresh as hell. I want to be mad at it but it’s too funky. That N.O.R.E freestyle was smoked out man, I was fucking with it tho…that’s a crazy ass dude right there. Please peep “So Sick I Can’t Say Goodbye”. Sir-Fa got Ne-Yo and Mike Jack battling back and forth trading verses on a blend…shit is next level. Tracks 39 thru 43 are just absurd to the point where if you don’t feel that shit you should one yourself. Highlights over on that note.

There’s really not much else to say on this project. It def needs to be apart of your collection if you’re a mixtape head. You def have to admire the skills tho: beat on beat blends, beat matching blends of all Silva Sir-Fa’s classics, abstract blends, r&b; blends, and some exclusives freestyles. Do remember to hit up his website:, show your support and let that man know you appreciate what he’s given the game in the last 15 years.