DJ Simon Sez – Exception To The Rule 2

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Simon Sez (says) remove head from ass and listen to some damn blends. It’s been a minute between part one of this series and part two but it’s been worth the wait. If you’re not up on the mixtape blend game then you’ve come to the right place. 90% of the most creative mixtape DJs in the world today are on…it’s the truth and Simon Sez is one of those DJs. It doesn’t matter what coast you’re from, what continent you live on or if you live in a van down by the river; blends are the universal mixtape truth and you either fuck with them or you don’t.

One reason why I fuck with DJ Simon Sez when it comes to some blends is he’s one of the few mixtape DJs who come with that ratchet blowing music, that crushin’ coke theme music. He can also make you hit the highway like you just robbed a bank too…that’s versatility. We all know Kool G Rap got a flow fresh like mentos but on “Streetz On Lock Part 1” Simon Sez makes him take it to another level. I re-wound that blend 15 times easy. I see Simon Sez is sliding in some unsigned talent into the mix. Noah Jones has some punch lines to on “Come On Baby”…”you weaker than cheap reefer”; that shit was kinda fly. “Real Mutha Fuckin’ G’s” is my shit. If it’s one thing Simon Sez knows it’s that classic beats make classic blends. That shit was evident on “Can U Werk Dat”…a song I might not probably bump but cause of the beat I had to turn that shit up. “I Still Kill” with 50 & Akon is back making the block hot…all head nod material. “Can I Live” should at least be getting some satellite radio play…Lil Wayne and Stack Bundles, man cats ain’t ready for that. The hardest blend of the whole CD without question…”Come Around”. I had cats in the weed spot going crazy for this shit. This is that pull up on the block theme music fo’ real and when the second beat hits…forgetaboutit. “Move Bitch Boy Looka Here” is not really my thing but it just goes to show the ear that Simon Sez has for music. I mean Luda and Mystical on the same track was a crazy idea that sounded like a real colabo. Common never sounded so good flowing over “Paul Revere”. “Lyrics are like liquor for the fallen soldier”…crazy line right there. I can’t remember the last time I listened to “U.N.I.T.Y” and the Simon Sez version is dope, he upgraded that shit and got my head nodding again. Probably the most skilled blend of the whole CD is “Trizz Nathaniel” with Big Pun and Biggie. He had those two trading verses over “Dre Day”…syringe sold separately. “I ain’t a playa I just fuck alot / I got that good dick girl you didn’t know”. Skills wise Simon Sez freaks it on that “Surviving The Times” four beat blend. No need to say any more.

Exception To The Rule 2 is crisp like an all white Lexus…no other way to describe it. He’s got that ear for good blend music. This time out the box he’s got the shot gun to the temple and it’s welcomed because blend cats these days don’t know how to thug it out properly. At the same time he’s got something on here for everyone to enjoy. Simon Sez is still slept on but with consistent product like this joint it’s only a matter of time till he’s murdering the game and putting the rest of the competition to sleep. Listen to the full mixtape here.