DJ Smallz – Best Thing Smokin’ 2

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Ha ha ha ha haaaa, man I had to laugh when I saw the cover to this mixtape. Cats think their Kayslay now; can’t put their name on the cover. At least Kayslay, aka Sign of the Times, came with something clever for his “new” name. Cats need to let their balls hang (no RIAA). Not putting DJ Smallz on the cover is like a drug dealer going to re-up with fake glasses and a rubber nose on. The powers that be still know its you. Cats build their brand up to not put their name out anymore? That’s fuck boi shit, get a backbone stop playing the game scared. With that said lets see what the music do.

“Come Around” remix is my joint. Paul Wall and Young Buck on a track is a good sound. I just bought that Young Buck album too, shit is proper on some do dirt music. I’m not like these website cats…I actually buy albums and leave the leaks for these broke asses who are trying to be “industry” lames. What happened to Lil Flip? Do people know he dropped an album? Well from listening to “I Get Money” remix not even Ricky Ross can save him. Sub par music is sub par music and it will move like sub par music too. I am not a Gucci Man fan but I give dude credit for doing his thing on the streets and building a loyal fan base. “Bird Flu” is lyrically stagnant but its catchy like …. well, the bird flu. One artist out the south that consistiently puts out quality music is David Banner. Even his features are potent and you know the beats are on point. “Toes Down” with Fam-Lay is an anthem. Andre 3000 laces “International Players Anthem”. I would put him as one of if not the top lyricist in the South. Two other cats out the south right now poised for stardom are Brisco and Flo-rida. Peep them on “Miami Stars” and see why; classic mixtape music. I gotta be honest tho, the last couple Rick Ross features I’ve heard have been boring as hell. “I’m A Boss” with Cuntri Boi was one big yawn…oh ya’ll are bosses…how original. “Sunglasses” was better tho, classic 80s sample.

The CD is cool, few hot joints but as a whole very average. I still can’t see putting in work year after year building your name, your brand up and then abandoning it cause cats are scared of the RIAA. Only two ways the fuzz of the music industry coming after you; either someone drops a dime on you or you’re getting too much money. Its not rocket science its mixtapes, show a sign of weakness and you will get taken advantage of…especially by these record labels.