DJ Smooth Denali – Streets Of New York 11

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RAPMULLET may soon have to drop another category strictly for “best of” joints. I always have a hard time with releases that use classic material. In the past, we had to seriously consider them for classics, but neither RAPMULLET nor our readers feel that way presently. I expect so much more from the “best of” releases. I want some blends, some excellent transitions ( cause if you fucking with classics, you should know them well), and I want you to build anticipation for the upcoming track. “Make my shit the chronic; I wants to fiiiiire it up.”

DENALI bangs us in the head with heater after heater. ONYX epitomized an era in Hip Hop that we will never experience again. There were actually different genres like “HORROR CORE” (do you remember that shit?). I loved ONYX and when the screaming became too much, I moved along like everyone else. I haven’t heard ROYAL FLUSH in years and it was refreshing. “ICED OUT MEDALLIONS” was a mainstay in the tape deck when CHEW was the pilot and I was co-piloting the LeBARON. SMOOTH did the muthafuckin’ thing on “STREETS OF NY”. He scratched, he blended and the transitions had me open, because he used the accapella from the previous track to segue to the next. It’s a classic worthy release, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What the hell happened to the chronological order? BLACK SHEEPS’, “FLAVA OF THE MONTH” made me want to break out my old ZULU beads, but it killed me that it was in the middle of the release. The blend with “DROP A GEM” on ‘em was definitely “kick a bitch in the twizat” music, but I think not having the songs play in the order of their respective eras was a mistake.

People continue to say that mixtapes are dead and there’s no creativity left, but I have to respect SMOOTH for sticking to his guns and building a catalogue in spite of the trend to go f0r the quick buck!