DJ Smooth Denali – You Know I Got Soul : R&B Classics Vol. 7

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When’s the last time you heard James Brown on a mixtape? Shit….”Funky Drummer” is the mutha fuckin’ wheel. Smooth Denali doing what he does best with the classics. There is so much soul in this CD its illegal in Maine and Vermont. Not to mention his catalog grows and grows. I’m telling ya’ll peep his releases on the Unit that Mixes and behold a lesson in mixtape-drop-ology.

Freddie from Superfly was a bitch ass. I’ve know a couple of Freddies in my day and well Curtis Mayfield said it…”Freddies Dead”. I don’t know how many young cats remember or know of the JB’s but Smooth pulled out some shit with “Pass The Peas”. I didn’t even peep the track list when I put this in my ride so every new track was like I just found $20 in my pocket. When you can go from The Average White Bands “Work To Do” into Stevie Wonders “Superstition” into BT Express’ “Do It” into a Brass Construction track you now you just heard some shit. Brass Construction man, I haven’t heard that name in forever. I wasn’t sure if Smooth was gonna go there but he did and he brough Parliment to the party. If you never heard “Flashlight” please stop reading this review and step away from the computer. There is no soul with out some funk in it. The sleeper track if even want to consider it that, is “Melting Pot” by Booker T and The MGs. If you never heard this even more reason to cop the CD.

I’m not gonna bore you with extra highlights. You would think a DJ would run out of classics at some point but not Smooth Denali. The concepts keep getting better and he consistently reinvents himself with every new release. Chalk up another one for the classics king. I’m out…gonna go listen to this joint again.