DJ Snake – Urban Bangers 6.5

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(Makes hiss’ sound) SSSSssssssnake……., sssssssssss, s, s, s, ss,,(cough)s..s. What the fuck is going on in mixtapes man? Naw seriously how can cats release a mixtape like this and call themselves a DJ? I know it’s like beating a dead horse right? Same shit different cut-n-paste engineer. What you want us to do go find these so called DJs and beat the shit outta them and give you a youtube link? In a perfect world that shit would be lovely, I have plenty of pent up aggresion to release. So all you get is the typing, the words, the “hate”. Hahahaha, I love when cats take reviews like this as hate, makes my day to know I can annoy a so called DJ. The best part is when they send threats via email; not knowing that if they every see me in real life not only will I talk shit about your mixtape I will slap a snot bubble out your nose the size of a basketball.

What kind of fucking title is “Urban Bangers”? This is mixtapes fuck boy that shit at its core is about as “Urban” as it gets. There’s like a posse of lost fuck boy mixtape cats all over the world now that have no clue what this shit is about. No offense to MEF on the cover, get your bread, but cats think they can get an MEF cover and some internet tracks and it’s a go? I’ve had more fun cutting my toenails than listening to garbage like “Urban Bangers 6.5”. I’m laughing cause dude is on “6.5” of the series. I’ve had people email me saying to be more “positive” and be thankful that these kids are making wack mixtapes and not in the street fucking up. Fuck that, I’m gonna let someone ruin the art that so many love cause you wan’t them off the street? Does the banner on the home page say “Boys & Girls Club”?…Fuck outta here with that, we help cats on the daily with everything…it’s what we do. Most of the cats aren’t even kids their grown people in their mid to late 20’s trying to “get rich quick”.

I don’t care that dude is from the UK either. UK mixtape DJs usually have their shit together when it comes to making mixtapes (at least the ones I’ve heard before); formulas, styles, concepts, skills ect. What did Cutmaster C open a bullshit mixtape school in the South of England somewhere? You got access to a whole different hip hop culture overseas and you choose to do pause tapes with 95% of your music from the shit bucket that is American music right now?

The shit that had me rolling was dude playing “Straight to the Bank” by 50 Cent and then following it up with Tony Matterhorn’s “On My Knees”. Hahahaha and he titled it “exclusive”…wow. How does playing these two songs back to back represent “Urban Bangers”? Maybe the 50 but come on man! Dude has no concept of what a mixtape is!

I’m gonna switch shit up to some badly versed UK slang so maybe DJ Snake can understand better. This mixtape is a big bag of shite. Don’t get in paddy cause your mixtape smells like a badly packed kebab. Result!