DJ Spinatik – Street Runnaz 26

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This is my first listen to a Spinatik mixtape. He goes by the moniker “that wax wizard” so I’m glad dude is showing a lil skill and mixing cause otherwise that title will have to be exposed. He’s outta Florida, Tampa I think, and he’s on the serious come up. 26 mixtapes deep in the Street Runnaz series and to his credit he’s living proof that being consistent AND mixing your joints can get you heard…among other things. Let this kids know it’s ok to be an actually DJ on your mixtapes once in a while.

As much as it pains me I actually like “Number One” by Lil Wayne. Maybe it’s just the beat but that shit knocks. Spinatik actually beat matched Gucci’s “Hit The Park” into that shit too. See people it does pay off. Lazy ass DJs saying they don’t have the time to mix. If you know what you’re doing it won’t take that much time. Cats scared to mix live I guess. Props for Spinatik for taking the time, it is appreciated. Is that Rick Ross rhyming over a sample for “Turn The Beat Around” on “Gutta”? Hahaha, shout to Vicki Sue Robinson. Straight up and down I cannot fuck with Plies. “All Black” is pure garbage to me. Can’t believe youngin’s are listening to this shit. Tracks get a lil fluffy near the end aka more rap and bullshit then straight hip hop. It is what it is.

Spinatik is def cop-able. Anytime you’re mixing you’re good money with me. That shit makes tracks I normally wouldn’t listen to listenable…for me at least. If you haven’t been already this is def a DJ to be checking for in the future.