DJ Spinz & DJ Lazyboy – Patiently Waiting

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I’m patiently waiting to win the lottery. That’s right people we’re all patiently waiting for something. I’m surprised no one came with this mixtape title sooner considering Ozone pretty much coined it and even adapted it into an award. Still in all it’s a solid concept and is DJ Spinz so you know it won’t be some bullshit.

Willie Joe is cool; “Tha Siging” was decent, nothing ground breaking tho. I know Big Kuntry’s music, I hope the label isn’t waiting to long to get dude out there even tho they all pretty much eating over at Grand Hustle. Not really a fan of Shawty Lo…”They Know” is very formulaic and generic, plus that acapell-o line was just flat out lame. I fucks with J.R. Get Money. “Stupid” is that cool as a fan music. This kid has the most potential of any of the young dudes on this mixtape. Florida wise Flo-Rida got his shit together…the flow is basic yet effective on “You KNow Me”. I fuck with Brisco too but not to tough on “I’m Next”. The sleeper is dude at the end Rocko with “Imma Do Me”. He got a unique sound even given the fact he got a lil wayne MIC swagger about him.

The mixtape is cool. I don’t think it was up to par musically with other Spinz releases tho. The skills are and probably will always be proper and that’s what kept me listening to be honest. Spinz got an updated 2007 classic mixtape style, he’s going to be doing big things. I don’t know what or who DJ Lazyboy is, he check it once over the phone and that was it. Ehhh. I’ll be patiently waiting for the next Spinz mixtape.