DJ Spinz Interview

DM: DJ Spinz welcome to Tell all the people where your from and how long you been in the game?

Spinz: Preciate It. I’m from Augusta, GA, I just turned 17, and I’m fairly new to the mixtape game but I have been in radio for about 2 years now.

DM: How did the radio opportunity come about?

Spinz: Well, the local radio station here used to mix and broadcast live at high school football games. So I used to go out there and hang around those guys and ask questions, they saw I was interested in mixing. So one day, the program director just came up to me and asked me did I want to mix during the commercial break, So I was like, HELL YEA!!!!! I mixed during the break, they were impressed and they decided that they were gonna let me go on a 20 minute set live on the air after the break, and the rest is history!!!

DM: Are you mixing live on some turntables when you’re on the radio? Doubling up records showing some skills?

Spinz: Hell Yea, two turntables and a mixer that’s the only way I do it. I leave the pro tools and cool edit for mixtapes but on the air is all raw uncut straight live mixing!

DM: I see your the young gun of the Street Executives, 17 years old, what’s your role with the crew and what do you bring to the table?

Spinz: My role with the crew is to simply promote and produce. Keep producing hot product, let my talent and creativity flow and promote Street Executives and what we do as a whole through my outlets.

DM: Lets talk mixtapes for a minute. Can you tell us about the first mixtape you ever heard?

Spinz: Man, lol the first mixtape I ever heard was about 3 or 4 years ago, it was from DJ Bobby Black. The tape wuz fiyah and it amazed me at the time because I hadn’t really ever heard anything like it.

DM: Mixtape wise who are your influences? And who continues to inspire you?

Spinz: I gotta say Drama and Teknikz. Drama because right now he has the game on lock and I dig his style. Tek, I just don’t say it because he is my home boi, I say it because he is grindin hard and is one of the most slept on niggaz out here who working hard and producing good music to the masses.

DM: What can the fans expect to hear from you on a mixtape? Are you droppin’ blends, straight exclusives or just letting the skills breathe?

Spinz: U can expect to hear a little bit of everything. Im not a “pause dj”. I definitely showcase my talent while drop new hot music. My formula is a solid, well rounded style.

DM: Being that your still in high school, how do you balance school, family, DJing, mixtapes ect?

Spinz: Man, I’m not even gonna lie. It’s very hard. I’m usually doing at least a party every weekend, or in the club. Im always working doing something, whether it be doing a gig, a mixtape, or radio. I really don’t have time for anything else during the weekend. During the week is when I handle my studies and spend time with my family. But school lets out this week. . . SO U ALREADY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!

DM: Is your family supportive of you DJing? Being a parent myself I would assume its school first and how well you do equates to how much of everything else goes down.

Spinz: Thats exactly how it goes, always school first and Dj’n is second. Even though my mom tells me and enforces it everyday, I had to learn that the hard way.

DM: Spinz thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions. Any last words for the readers?

Spinz: No Doubt. Be sure to pick up and check out my newest mixtape entitled Southern Swagger Vol. 1 It will be in stores and available THIS FRIDAY!!! Check the youngest in charge out and see what the buzz is all about. Ya Dig??? Also if you have any questions or want submit freestyles or whatever feel free to hit me up. My MP3 address is or u can touch me on the 2 way at . I appreciate all the love! STREET EXECUTIVES ALL DAY!