DJ Spinz & Nitti – Southern Swagger Nitti Style

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The young don of the mixtape game has returned. DJ Spinz making a few power moves of his own down south. I can’t recall Nitti hosting a mixtape before, but then again I’m not in the south like that so I can’t really call it. I do know that Nitti got hit records up his sleeve and he def crafted his own sound, all be it synth heavy like a mutha fucka. Let’s hope the Nitti tag lines are kept to a minimum and Spinz, as usual gets to show some skill.

50 stacks get you a Nitti beat people; get your paper home boy! I’m not even gonna front Nitti came off with his “#1 Record” track. The shit is like an audio business card. One of the most slept on cats outta the south is Al Gator hands down. I know he heavy on the streets of the south but outside of the south cats aren’t up on him like that. “That Ain’t What You Want” with its simple piano loop got an vibe like some shit bout to go down. Although it’s not what I usual fuck with, “In Da Paint” is hit considering todays hip hop climate. I ain’t mad at it tho. No lie I’m a little synth’d out at this point in the CD. Plies joint “Got Em Hatin” is making my ears bleed a little bit. “Waffle House” got the same sound as the Plies if you ask me but this track is catchy. Still in all my favorite track of the CD is Young Capone with “What It Iz”. That shit got the passenger seat head rest in my ride nodding. “Stop Playing Games” is mos def a classic. 8 Ball brought his shit to new heights on this here track.

There is no other way to listen to this CD than in your ride. Spinz just consistent as hell with the formula man; just enough skills to let you know he can do it and the shit stays mixed. Nitti got a balance with his beats tho. He can hop in the club real quick, get some ass and tities shaking and then bring right back to the street on the next joint with a trap house anthem. The Southern Swagger continues and really I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.