DJ Spinz – Southern Swagger 2

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Spinz ain’t waste no time coming back on the scene with a pocket full of green and new mixtape. I like what Spinz says at the beginning of the CD to; he’s gonna let the music speak for itself as it should always be. Too many DJs running off at the mouth like they the shit, stop talking and let your work ethic rep for you. Spinz got southern swagger so stop hating and accept the fact that the young dude is doing his thing.

Fuck the bullshit, Spinz hitting ya’ll in the head from jump with “Relax & Take Notes” and “Get Money”. Of course a Biggie sample will get you over everytime but at least 8 Ball and MJG do him proper and well if you haven’t heard “Get Money” get your head outta your ass; straight neck snapping music. Man, I’ve never been a Trick Daddy fan and “Duck Down” doesn’t impress. If there was one misstep on the CD this was it. I know it’s not new but “Birds Go South” by Slick Pulla is the fucking wheel. Shit had be open in the ride, I can’t front and it was on repeat. Is that my dude Cas? Hell yea, he did his thing on “Check My Feet” and if you ask me the shit is a hit in the making. Stop frontin’ on Cas people, fucking knuckle heads. Killer Mike on “Get To It” was crazy and it just goes to show you we need some new Killer Mike music. I can’t fuck with Plies man. He may be doing his thing thing in the South but that shit in XXL made me wanna punch that midgets head off, no lie. He must not come to the east too much.

Spinz is a young DJ doing his thing, letting his skills breathe and the music do what it do. Shit is always about good music and thats the bottom line. I’m not really a betting man but I’ll give you 8 to 5 Spinz has another joint out next month like clock work…tic…toc…tic…