DJ Spinz – Southern Swagger 3

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Spinz is back at it again. I think I’m gonna re-title this CD to Southern Swashbuckle. That’s right I’m back on my pirate shit. Arrrghhhh. For a young cat Spinz got some mixtape swagger, I can’t front. He gonna make the haters come out the wood work though. You cats can’t talk all the “who got next” in the south for DJs but this kid right here is ya’ll future….get used to it.

Maybe it’s just me but Lil Boosie sound like he whining when he rhyme. That’s just his style…I know but when you got kids and you hear that sound it goes right through you. Young Dro with “Man In The Trunk” got some shit. I haven’t cop’d his album yet but I’m def gonna get it. “This Is Why I’m Hot” is a hit record easy. This joint will have everyone and ya Moms amped up with that hook. Mims doing his thing thing with this track. I wasn’t feeling “Wood N Pine” like I thought I would. Young Capone is lethal with the flow, Yola is too but the hook was shit. “That’s Life” with Killer Mike is a crazy ass track. It’s what you could call a jewel, ya dig? Just listen to it man. The sleeper track of the CD is “My Girl” by Young Dro. That song is the shit to ride out to.

I’m telling cats, Spinz got an ill mixtape formula: some new shit, some good music, a little cutting, some mixing and a whole lot of swashbuckle (arrrghhh)! Naw fo’ real man, you ain’t gotta have all brand new music to make a bangin’ mixtape. Half that “new shit” is sub-par material anyway. I don’t know how many more times I can say it….good music reigns supreme every time.