DJ Spinz – Southern Swagger 5

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Let me tell you something. I’ve been looking for some trash ass, bloody booger picking, no skills having, wouldn’t wipe my ass with it bullshit mixtapes to review and I can’t find them. All I’ve seen in the last two weeks or so is a bunch of average, couple of exclusive joints here or there that would bore the fuck out of a can of paint. Do cats really want those joint reviewed? I mean if you’re even remotely up on mixtapes you can peep a track list and know what’s really good. DJs need to learn to make a better product or just quit. I’ve seen mixtape DJs give up and rightfully so. There are many many “positions” in this game that actually pay better than “mixtape DJ”, find a different one and go play it. My 1 minute PSA is over, now on to DJ Spinz’ latest project.

Refreshing. Hopeful. Skillful. These are some of the words that describe DJ Spinz latest mixtape. Refreshing in the fact that a young DJ actually “gets it” when it comes to putting together a mixtape. Hopeful in that with DJ Spinz doing what he does the “art” of the mixtape is being preserved for the future. Skillful in that Spinz lays down his skills in a way that compliments the mixtape, keeps the music moving and holds the listeners ear. NO DJ has shown what Spinz does on the mixtape skills wise this year consistently. Every single transition is either beat matched, cut up, spun back and/or transformed over. That my friend is rare. It’s even rarer that it was done with class and didn’t take away from the music…hence the word “compliments” used above. I’m not gonna give you mad track highlights. Click the cover, peep the track list if you want and see what’s poppin’ off on the CD. I’m gonna give you a couple of transitions tho. The transition from ‘I’m Throwed” beat matched into the next joint was classic mixing and when Miss B’s joint “Take A Step Back” starts you get to hear Spinz cut that shit up as the cuts are panned from left to right…shit def held my ear and made me listen to old girl. Now that shit is beat matched into “Wipe Me Down” where Spinz cuts “And I Love You” over the top. Shit is nothing if you actually got the skills people. Let ’em breathe!

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you I liked every fucking song up on here but what I do like is Spinz mixtape style. It’s a classic formula that works every time. I hope he never strays from it as he gets older. A lot of the vets in the mixtape game today who have skills all but abandon them for some quick cash. Fucking shame really. DJ Spinz, being in his late teens, was already head and shoulders above the new crop of mixtape DJs and now he just kicked some of the vets in the groin and took their per diem. (ouch)