DJ Statik Selecktah – Nas: The Prophecy Vol. 2

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THELASTBREATHOFHIPHOP is STATIK’S user name on the RAPMULLET MESSAGE BOARD. It’s a fitting name for the style that he exhibits and the subject of his latest project. I consider NAS to be the ultimate mc. He’s had his ups and downs, but so has HIP HOP. NAS breaths as we do. We are as much a part of his prophecy as he is of ours. When his music changed, so did the state of the genre that he was birthed from. When he decided that chicken heads “owed him”, we felt the same. When he “ruled the world”, Hip Hop was at one of its peaks. And now he declares “Hip Hop is dead”. At this point, I’d have to concur.

We’re at a crossroads in mixtapes when quality has waned; listeners excuse it and continue to purchase the product. Record sales are slumping and exclusives are lacking the punch that they used to wield. Politics and money have fucked the game up so much that people actually think a DJ is doing them a favor by dropping a mixtape with 12 songs. True heads will be pleased to take that last breath with STATIK, because we don’t know when we’ll be able to breathe again. I appreciate a skilled DJ and a label that has enough fucking common sense not to have the official commissioned mixtape for a legendary lyricist sound like a bunch of tracks put together by some dude with the personality of a rock.

The self produced “INTRO” with the funeral arrangement fit the theme of the album and the turntableism added to the “true” HIP HOP element. Most of the tracks that STATIK played from “THE N” were leaked prior to the release of the mixtape, but it isn’t what you play, rather how you play it. I could give you that filler bullshit that these other critics pimp as reviews, but RAPMULLET isn’t about that, so I’m going to keep it 100 and tell you straight out that the anchor of “THE PROPHECY” were the blends. “WHERE YA’LL AT (B BOY MIX)” had me open as soon as I saw it listed. “TALK OF NY” should be titled “WE WISH”, because it’s every NAS and PREMO fans wet dream that they drop an album together. “WE STILL MAJOR” is a QB HIP HOP soliloquy.

This is an excellent mixtape that STATIK was kind enough to drop on the RAPMULLET MESSAGE BOARD for download. “THE PROPHECY” is complete, because it combines the 5 elements of a Hip Hop mixtape (timely transitions, blends, exclusives, creativity, and originality). What more can you ask for; how about NAS actually hosting the project?