DJ Statik Selektah & Q-Tip – The Look Of Love

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I came in the door, I said it before…emcee m.i. people call me MILK…damn it feels good to see people up on it…Hip hop body rocking doing the do…girl lets get butt naked and fuck tonite…All of those lines are from some of my favorite songs. They weren’t selling ki’s or shooting niggaz on a daily basis. They were just making music. Rappers and producers wanted you to party. Dudes told stories and everyone had their own voice. It would have been unheard of back then for someone to quote a line from another rapper. It was an amazing time in Hip Hop and critics keep saying that we’ve lost that. We haven’t. Hip Hop fans don’t listen to good music anymore and the commercial media doesn’t push it.

JD (if you don’t know, get a fucking clue) inspired a whole genre within Hip Hop. He wasn’t the go to guy for “kilo rap”, but within the so called “conscious movement”, you didn’t have an album until JD blessed you with a sonic excursion. His sound was always “jazzy”, but never disappointing. “THE LOOK OF LOVE” is a celebration of that sound.

This isn’t new, it isn’t exclusive, but it’s good fucking music. I enjoyed the release from beginning to end…except for “the old school Showoff mix”. This track must have been plucked off the cutting room floor, because it didn’t have shit to do with this release. TERM is my dude, but I couldn’t fuck with him and DC on “THIS IS HIP HOP”. Other than those small missteps, “THE LOOK OF LOVE” should have been entitled “THE MANUAL TO SAVE HIP HOP”. SKILLZ said it perfectly on “HIP HOP DIED??”. Fuck Hip Hop/that music never mattered/who cares about it anyway/let the niggas have it/I’m the type to extort it/I don’t give a fuck about the culture/I just like making money off it/that phrase should open your eyes/it was said yesterday in a NY high rise/by a CEO/4080 these record company people are shady…DAMN!

This is a great way to approach the New Year and this is something we need in the mixtape industry. There isn’t an over abundance of scratching, talking or exclusivity, but regardless it’s an excellent release and one that should stay in rotation for months. Did this CD need Q-TIP? No. We all know why he was on the release, but it’s just another example of how marketing has infiltrated our art. If we’re not careful, it’s all we’ll be.