DJ Step One – Behind Closed Doors

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Welcome DJ Step One to the Rapmullet review section. I’ve stayed away from the R&B; mixtapes for a while now. To be honest a break was needed, also the fact my late night jump off came thru a couple times since the last R&B; review has worked as well. Lol I’m always down for some slow jams and that’s exactly what I’ve been bumping. This track list looked intriguing so I figured why not hear what Step One is bringing to the table.

Alicia Keys got hits man. “No One” is a beast of record with total mass appeal. I can’t say I’m diggin’ Cassidy on this tho. The beat is cool as a fan but you can save the bars. You know why this song has that mass appeal? Just listen to it. You can hear the emotion in that song and that’s what the people identify with. They take that song and apply it to the things going on in their own lives, it becomes their theme music. Back to the track list…Step One went to the classics early and I was diggin’ the mix of old and new joints together. “Ask Of You” is timeless, plus it reminds me when I used to fuck with this chic Big Ann back in the day. She had hairy nipples but the pussy was good…it was calling me man. I want to hate “Shawty Is A Ten” with R. Kelly using that voice box shit but it’s too catchy. “T-Shirt” is the wheel. I thought “Apple Pie” would be corny but the shit is smooth and well I like apple pie too. The mix right into “FreaknYou” was tight man. You can never go wrong fucking with Jodeci. Then to follow it up with “Bump & Grind”…I had to rewind that shit. “I will have you singing like a mocking bird…word”. R. Kelly stays on that homie-lover-friend shit. “Bed Answer” was a nice flip of J. Holiday’s “Bed”. I can’t even front on home girl with that one. For some lovely shit “Rain Man” got a knock to it. Who ever did the percussion on “No Use” put in some serious work. This is one of my favorite tracks on here…def helps keep the road rage level down on the highway. “Take my money, my house and my car”…you know cats had to get some good pussy to sing like that; again Jodeci never disappoints when it comes to dropping panties.

Besides the transition between tracks “25 and 26” shit was cool as a fan. Step One kept it smooth for the most part, working the fade and the echo at times. I think the lil hip hop joints at the beginning threw the project off a bit considering he went to total slow jams at the end. I’m def checking for his future projects now tho. This mixtape series has potential if Step One can consistently stick to the formula.