DJ Supreme & Grand Larceny – Mixtape Masterminds 2

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Have you as mixtape fans and fiends taken a look at DJ Supreme’s catalog as of late. Peep the Unit the Mixes under their DJ/Artist button for Supreme and study that shit. That’s how you start a career doing mixtapes people! All killer no filler for that man. Now as for Grand Larceny, I think you will be seeing this man’s name in more album credits then you see ASCAP. Ok, maybe that’s a little ambitious but you will be seeing his name in the coming year production wise.

Too many blends and remixes to highlight so I’m picking two from each Supreme and Grand Larceny. First up is Supreme. “Paint A Picture” is just that. Nas and Pac flowing over “I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy” was just meant to be and Supreme let 2 Pac own this beat. “Some people meditate, some people get massages, …I blend”. Grand Larceny first beat that fucks my head up is on “Angel Of Mercy”. The thumps is working overtime on this beat and the Aerosmith sample freaked it for me. I snapped my neck on “Soul of Scarface” Mixtape Mastermind remix. I felt like I was in a high speed car chase or some shit. Big big props to Supreme using the God Rakim on “Talk Of NY”. I listened to this back to back to back to back. DJs don’t rock Rakim like this anymore and they should.

I did get to hear Mixtape Masterminds part one and I gotta say this one is a lot better. Sound wise the shit is crystal. I like the choice of acapella’s too. See that’s one thing that blend DJs will have to switch up this year is the acapella’s. No more Biggie shit period. Find some old Pac verses, get some up and coming MCs to send you acapella’s i.e Stack Bundles, St. Laz, SnypLife, Saigon, Magno, Kiotti, the list goes on and on. Stray away from the norm because shit is getting over done and people will start the whole “your falling off” talk if you don’t. Supreme has a golden ear for the acapellas and this will be the thing that separates him from the pack in 2006 and he’s not afraid to take chances either. Using Grand Larceny with his original production was a risk but the man makes hot beats so the shit is paying off in the end. Peep game people.