DJ Supreme & Lil Raskal – Global Warming

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It’s the pre-summer heat up for blends people. Some how I can picture George W. Bush playing Frisbee golf in Texas somewhere, that intro def set a nice tone for the project. The overwhelming vibe I get from the CD is it’s just some “fun” shit. Fun in hip hop is a lost art if you think about it and def in mixtapes. Ok, so you’re scratching your head like “Fun”, what the fuck is he talking about? Well the shit just feels good, it’s gives you that feeling of a sunny day, system on blast in your ride and you looking for some fun shit to get into.

Who is Casius? Dude laced Supreme and Raskal with a custom made jump off freestyle. More DJs need to bring this element back like how Juice used to have chicks singing for him and Doo Wop had the bounce squad lace some shit to start every mixtape. Shit you could take the first 12 tracks and jump a party off. To say the ladies will be all up on this CD is an understatement. I actually had to take this CD back from my babies Mom’s just to review it and she had the nerve to ask for it back when I was done. Fuck outta here! I’m not running through the track list on this review, you already know shit is cop’able. My favorite shit from Supreme though gotta be “If I Ever” with Ghostface and Shai and “Take You Out” with Chris Brown and Luther Vandross. I mean come on people you don’t get to hear Luther next to Jay Z everyday, shit is classic. As for Raskal I’m still amazed at his ability to freak some top 40 shit. Fabolous and Sean Paul on “Temperature” is official remix ready material. I know they had to have a Rakim blend on here and although only 45 seconds, Raskal flips “GOAT” on its ear something fierce. I knew that would have some A-Pinks on here too, “Best of Me” freestyle is the wheel people. A Pinks man remember the name and go get your autograph copy of his latest joint from the Unit that Mixes.

I listen to a lot of blend CDs people, even shit that doesn’t get reviewed. On some real shit Supreme and Lil Raskal are part of a select few DJs that will be taking the blend CD genre into the future. The formula is real clean and the series of CDs they have going will just grow. In ten years die hard mixtape fans will be talking about the shit they puttin out now.