DJ Sure Shot – Southern Piff

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I haven’t really got my hands on too much down south music lately. I see Flame and Big Cas are hosting this CD which is a good look. Cas got that presence on the MIC and Flame got bars in the stash so those two on a track together should be some shit. Sure Shot doing his thing and doing it consistently too; that’s a recipe for success right there.

Flame sets it off with a custom freestyle just for this CD. More DJs need to go that route, it makes the CD even that much more exclusive. Peep Rain on the “Check My Feet” remix, dude gets it in. I couldn’t really get into Casino on “Game Time”. That chopped sample was cool but dude was rhyming about nothing. When I hear that phrase “ladies and gentlemen…” I get to hitting the fast forward button. Props to Jazze Pha for getting his money but his production on that Young Buck joint “If You Want Some” is lackluster at best. “Legit” is cool with its slow flow. Cas and Flame trading verses on some creep threw your hood type shit. One of the dopest tracks on the CD is Flame on “North Cock It Back”. That beat just works man and Flame does his thing, no bullshit. The sleeper track is with out question Big Cas and J Krist flowing over “Politics As Usual”. Cas owned this beat while J Krist chef’d up some witty punchlines.

Sure Shot mixing a lil on the CD but what he really did well was work the fader something lovely. You don’t always have to beat match tracks back to back cause lets be real, not everything is gonna be in the same BPM range and no one is trying to hear some chipmunk music. Sure Shot had impeccable timing which kept the CD moving and gives you that continuous mix. The Cas and Flame joints were on point, throw in Doc 00 Johnson, a bangin ass 8 Ball track and shit was cool. The other more “mainstream” tracks were aight (“Born & Raised”, “Grew Up A Screw Up”) but if you’re gonna go that route take it to the top and rock more Lil Wayne or give the people some of that Texas flavor.