DJ Sureshot – Slow It Down

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Chic from American Pie says…”This one time at band camp…I stuck a flute in my pussy.” I bet there are more than a few chics that have tried that shit. I like me a freak chic tho, and its always good to have some slow jams on tap cause you never know when its gonna be on and poppin’. What does that quote have to do with this CD? Nothing at all, I just thought that shit is funny.

For some reason Lloyd reminds me of Pedro Martinez who used to pitch for the Red Sox and now the Mets. I can’t even listen to a slow jam from dude because of it. Does T.Pain really have talent? Sure he does cause he can write his ass off but the singing…hahaha that voice box shit needs to go; either that or he owes Roger Troutman a check for using the style. “Say It” was decent though but it’s kind of like having a guy who has to hold that voice vibrator thing to his neck cause he has no larynx sing you a love song. “Love You Better” is that true slow jam. Keith Sweat is an icon in my opinion…fuck that. I was diggin’ Cassie on “When Your Body Is Talking”, shit was subtle and smooth. If you ask me Musiq Soulchild has the best R&B; album out right now. “Teach Me” got some truth to it which a lot of these joints is just flat out lacking…that real R&B.; Joe got some shit too tho. “Run It Back” was type fly and don’t even get me started on Donnell Jones. Dude is sorely slept on by these young cats. “Apple Pie” was kinda corny on the hook but listen to his first album, then his second and you get the idea. “Sweet Tooth” was classic R.Kelly…def not on that “You Remind Me” type of level but close.

Sureshot keeping the tempos leveled out on here so props on that cause slow jam mixtapes these days be all over the place. The vibe was cool and the CD had it’s baby making moments. I’d like to see more DJs sprinkle in some classics with the new shit, give the project a whole new direction and keep the listener on their toes and hopefully into some pussy.