DJ Sureshot – Target Practice 3

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It’s another Sureshot production people, Rated R is hosting…the MC, not the DJ. “All my ni99as offical down to the bone grissel”. Rated R went in on “Bang Bang” but the beat was wack. I can’t fuck with Styles P and Akon on “Eyes On You”. Shit is mad formulaic and again the beat is wack. Now 40 Cal on the other hand poised some valid questions on “What Kinda Ni99a R U”…and his word play was surprisingly on point as well. “Word Hard, Play Later” is a nice mixtape flip…the beat def compliments the flow. I haven’t heard from Two Five in a minute…”Biggest Buzz” was cool but that buzz he had isn’t as big as he thinks. I really really want to like “50 States”. Shit, I mean you got Term, Mista Fab and Ghetto on a track but I honestly couldn’t get into it. I think its the lackluster beat cause the bars were proper. The true sleeper track of the whole project is Doc 00 Johnson with “Grind”. Easily one of the most polished tracks up on here…from the hook to the beat to the vibe…he did his thing.

Sureshot has some variety on his track list, I can dig it..peaks and valleys tho. You get some shit you want to rewind and some shit you want to fast forward. Not much else to say really. As we all know the music dictates the potency of the product.